December 24, 2010

Looks like its time to change...

the name of my blog!!! Because I got into APU for spring semester. After about a month of nervously and not very patiently waiting for an answer, i found out i was accepted yesterday. So next semester, I'll be happily staying home and attending Azusa Pacific University in California. I'm so happy to be able to stay close to home. Thanks for all your prayers!!!

Merry Christmas!

December 10, 2010

Finals Friday

Not only is this my final Friday at Chowan for this first semester, I'm also right in the middle of finals. Two yesterday, for Composition and Basic Design. Just turning in a portfolio for Composition, and having my final critique in Basic Design, for my project in which we had to create a book. Today I have a final in Religion, but I am exempt because I already have an A, so i just have to show up for attendance purposes. Tomorrow, History at 6pm(on a saturday!!!). Sunday a nice break, and Monday, my final Critique in my Fundamentals of Drawing class, then Critical Thinking in the afternoon. After that, I am going down to a friends house because she has so graciously offered to drive me to the airport early early Tuesday morning for my flight to see Amber!!!! Yay!

Still no word from APU, but hoping and praying to hear from them soon so I can plan next semester. Be home in 6 days!!!

December 6, 2010


I've been really inspired by my cousin Sean's Tenderloin Project recently, and have begun to sketch out some of the photos that he's captured. I love the Dale's Hands adaptations that he's asked other artists to do for his galleries, and it sparked my interest. I may try and develop my drawing more, but its just a rough sketch for now. I'm planning on attempting similar mock-ups based off of some of his other photos. 

December 4, 2010


Well, I just stood outside in the first snowfall of the year. Coming to North Carolina definitely has it's perks. The weather forecasted snow, yet I was still unsure if it'd really snow. But, alas it has, and I experienced actual snow falling for the first time that I can remember, and was able to snap a few pictures, the best of which you can see below. Oh, and we're down to ten days til I'm in Texas and thirteen til I'm home! YAY

November 30, 2010

AND it begins...

Exactly two weeks til I'm in Bryan, Texas with the cousins! WOOHOOO!!! I can not wait to see Amber and Adolfo. I haven't seen them since August, and it'll be so great to see them. After Tuesday and Wednesday with them, we all hop on a plane heading to California Thursday morning, and there we'll spend Christmas.

News on the homefront, I am looking to transfer, possibly this spring to Azusa Pacific U (APU). My application is hopefully being processed as I type. Hopefully I'll know if I've been accepted or not before I head home for break, because then I will know for sure where I'll be next semester. Please keep me in your thoughts:)

"slow down, calm down, don't worry, don't hurry, trust the process"

November 18, 2010

The Start of My Life as a Library Worker

Well tonight I had my first 3-hr shift working in the library as a full-fledged student worker. After about an hour of training, my first task was to "shelf-read". I took a list printed from the catalog, and went to the designated section. My job was to make sure that the call number and barcode on the list matched the numbers on the actual books. I went through about three hundred books, and read more titles than I knew were possible. BUT... I felt very productive for the first time this semester, and I will be getting paid for it. All in all, a very good evening. And, next week is Thanksgiving, so this semester is looking up.

November 11, 2010

Walk at the Cemetery

The brisk autumn breeze whipping at my face as I ascend the stairs from the Metro sets the mood for my adventure. I wasn't quite sure what drew me towards Arlington National Cemetery, but I was sure that it was no one motivator. Walking through the wrought iron gates, I felt as if a hush fell over the land stretched before me.
As I began my course through the vast grounds, I couldn't help but feel as if I were simply one more passerby. The millions of visitors that have come and gone from the hallowed cemetery are as numerous as the thousands that have come to stay at Arlington. The gravestones seemed to spread out in every direction from wherever I stood. The cold gray stones against the green lawns, protected from the blue skies by trees covered in warm orange, red and yellow fall leaves. Every emotion could be felt at some point throughout the cemetery.
With no real planned exploration, I began to wind my way along the paths past gravestone on which read names of soldiers spanning time, No beginning and no end to the pain of loss. Up a slightly elevated plateau burns the eternal flame. The gravesite of President John F. Kennedy, one of two presidents buried at Arlington.
Surrounding his memorial were signs reading, “Silence and Respect”. A reminder to every visitor of the honor deserved by every fallen soldier who rests here. It was impossible to even think of uttering a word and silence enshrouded the entire cemetery. Even amidst the noise and mayhem of Washington DC, Arlington lay still. Much more than the National Cemetery, but a symbol of pain and struggle.
Slightly more centrally on the grounds rests the homage to the Unknown Soldiers. Perhaps the most revered location within the entire cemetery. Protected by guards every second of every day, in every season and any weather. The guards who dutifully watch the tomb are members of the most elite Honor Guard. A job rewarded to only the most dedicated soldiers.
Even more revere than the duty of each member of the Honor Guard is the Changing of the Guard Ceremony. Each step rehearsed, every breath practiced. The belief held by each that, “Soldiers never die until they are forgotten. Tomb Guards never forget.” Even though the names of every unknown soldier are known only to God, they are held with the utmost dignity by every guard. 

Unknown Soldier

I love playing around with the effects on photoshop, and my arlington pictures.

November 7, 2010

Water Problems

First... the Town of Murfreesboro has a problem with their water, and we are under "Boil Water Advisory". Meaning, we can't drink the water from the tap, and if we have to, then we have to boil the water first.

Then... we find out that the water is polluted with something, so we're not really supposed to use the water at all. An email was sent out to all students that it is encouraged to go home, but campus will remain open for those students who choose to remain on campus. And, class is cancelled on Monday (WOOHOOO!!!!) Well... fifteen minutes later, my friend Haley and I decide that we're gonna go to her house so that we can eat good food since the cafeteria food, which is already not great, will be even worse. YAY!!! home-cooking. Or actually, eating at all the places that are east coast only chains and that I haven't even heard of being from California.

So three hours later, after getting slightly lost on the way to her house, we arrive in Beaufort, NC. Five minutes away from the water front :)

Now, after more emails, no class Tuesday, with updates to follow regarding the rest of the week.


November 4, 2010


I was trying to fulfill my career as a future graphic designer by playing around on photoshop with one of my pictures that I took while at Arlington National Cemetery. I was able to create two different layers, on one, I erased the headstone and kept the background, and posterized it. On the other layer, I erased the background, but kept the headstone normal. Combining the layers, to create the dazzling image before you:

November 1, 2010

Fallen- Arlington Naitonal Cemetery

This past Saturday, I got to take a trip to Washington DC with the Visual Art Department. I rode the metro out to Arlington National Cemetery, and took some pretty cool photos. You can sheck them out by following the link: Arlington

October 26, 2010


 As much as drawing people, let alone myself, is extremely difficult for me, I was forced to for my third drawing project. We drew ourselves on dark gray paper, so we had to use white charcoal to shade in the highlights on our face rather than the usual technique which would be to draw the shadows in the face in with dark charcoal. The project itself was kind of time consuming because we had to do practice draws on another subject. First, a profile, then a full or 3/4 view. Then, we finally graduated, and drew ourselves!! Let me know what you think :)


September 30, 2010

Feet Squishy in My Shoes

This week, the rain has been absolutely horrible!!! It has basically poured since Monday. There isn't an item of clothing that I've worn that hasn't gotten wet. I have gone through every single pair of shoes that I have because they're still not dry from walking in the rain. But... Not only is it raining harder than I've ever seen, the drainage at Chowan stinks. Everywhere you go, you must avoid puddles, some of which are at least ankle deep. There's almost no point to wearing shoes, except that I don't want to get sick. I'm almost jealous of the California heat that all my friends' Facebook statuses have been talking about. If I can't handle rain, I'm really scared about having to weather the snow that might be coming. Oh well. At least the contents of my backpack have finally dried after being damaged by the water that my backpack decided to trap while walking in the rain.

September 19, 2010


No eight o'clock class this week. We turned in our first paper, so my composition teacher only requires us to come to a 15 min conference to talk about the edits and it counts as our attendence for the whole week. I'm just excited about not having class til 9 every day this week. Maybe I'll actually get up, and go to breakfast in the cafeteria-which I've only done once so far this year. Surprisingly, its the best meal the cafeteria has to offer, to it'd be smart to go get a good breakfast before class. I'm getting excited as I complete, and start new projects in design and drawing. I got a near perfect grade on my banana line drawing. (see above) We were supposed to use line width to illustrate depth and the perception that parts of the bananas were in the foreground, and others were in the background. It was the first project of the year, and now I'm working on the second which is five drawings, each with a different medium, of a single object. My inspiration is a tootsie-pop, which my best friend sent me to test the "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie-pop" theory. I haven't tried it yet, but now that I need it to draw off of, it's been put on hold for two weeks. I'll let you know the results after I finish my drawing project :)

September 9, 2010

Creative Writing

As per my high school extracurriculars, it would make sense that'd I'd try to find clubs in college that are along similar guidelines. Well, the first meeting of Chowan's Creative Writing Club was today at 5:30, and by 5:45, I had been, nominated and selected Vice President and representative for Student Government Associaition meetings. I'm really excited about this club because I've wanted to keep up my writing. YAY!

September 5, 2010

The Fine Art of Essay Writing

Who knew that after fifteen years of writing, and collaborating my ideas, I would actually sit down and plan my first college essay. I tried to get it over with by simply writing whatever came to mind, but the same stinking thing kept coming to mind. So, after I wasted two hours of trying to avoid writing, I sat, pulled out my handy-dandy notebook and actually planned. Now, I can successfully organize my thoughts into those magical little things called paragraphs, which magically turn into well-thought out essays. WOOHOO!!!!  Time to start typing my thoughts away.

August 29, 2010

Sunday Adventure

Well, I managed to actually get up out of bed this morning and got myself to a church service. I was a little nervous knowing that I'd have to go way outside of my comfort zone and actually put thought into what I'd wear to church. I've been so blessed to have been able to go to CA where all you have to do is show up. But, it was really nice to have a different experience. My roommate, Michelle, and I went to Murfreesboro Baptist Church, and the church I think was smaller than my house, but it was a really nice service. The congregation was extremely hospitable, and welcomed us very warmly. I'm not sure if next week we'll return to the same church, or if we'll try to go experience some different churches. School week two, starts tomorrow, at nine with drawing, a class that I'm really excited to be taking.

August 24, 2010

First Day

First day of college... Success!!

Started out the day with 14 units, and ended with 17. I decided that I wanted to push myself, and make sure to keep myself slightly less busy than I was in high school, but still busy enough to remember that that's who I've always been. Today's agenda was English Composition, Understanding the Bible, Basic Design, and my newly added class, Discovering the World. All of the classes seem really interesting, but specifically my Understanding the Bible class sticks out. I was shocked to hear that portions of my grade were determined on whether or not I made myself a Twitter account. I am excited for the next time each of my classes meets where we'll be able to do something more than just read the syllabus, but for now, I look forward to a new set of classes tomorrow, with new professors(in college, we're sophisticated, so they're not teachers), and many more syllabi.