August 29, 2010

Sunday Adventure

Well, I managed to actually get up out of bed this morning and got myself to a church service. I was a little nervous knowing that I'd have to go way outside of my comfort zone and actually put thought into what I'd wear to church. I've been so blessed to have been able to go to CA where all you have to do is show up. But, it was really nice to have a different experience. My roommate, Michelle, and I went to Murfreesboro Baptist Church, and the church I think was smaller than my house, but it was a really nice service. The congregation was extremely hospitable, and welcomed us very warmly. I'm not sure if next week we'll return to the same church, or if we'll try to go experience some different churches. School week two, starts tomorrow, at nine with drawing, a class that I'm really excited to be taking.

August 24, 2010

First Day

First day of college... Success!!

Started out the day with 14 units, and ended with 17. I decided that I wanted to push myself, and make sure to keep myself slightly less busy than I was in high school, but still busy enough to remember that that's who I've always been. Today's agenda was English Composition, Understanding the Bible, Basic Design, and my newly added class, Discovering the World. All of the classes seem really interesting, but specifically my Understanding the Bible class sticks out. I was shocked to hear that portions of my grade were determined on whether or not I made myself a Twitter account. I am excited for the next time each of my classes meets where we'll be able to do something more than just read the syllabus, but for now, I look forward to a new set of classes tomorrow, with new professors(in college, we're sophisticated, so they're not teachers), and many more syllabi.