December 10, 2010

Finals Friday

Not only is this my final Friday at Chowan for this first semester, I'm also right in the middle of finals. Two yesterday, for Composition and Basic Design. Just turning in a portfolio for Composition, and having my final critique in Basic Design, for my project in which we had to create a book. Today I have a final in Religion, but I am exempt because I already have an A, so i just have to show up for attendance purposes. Tomorrow, History at 6pm(on a saturday!!!). Sunday a nice break, and Monday, my final Critique in my Fundamentals of Drawing class, then Critical Thinking in the afternoon. After that, I am going down to a friends house because she has so graciously offered to drive me to the airport early early Tuesday morning for my flight to see Amber!!!! Yay!

Still no word from APU, but hoping and praying to hear from them soon so I can plan next semester. Be home in 6 days!!!

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