September 19, 2010


No eight o'clock class this week. We turned in our first paper, so my composition teacher only requires us to come to a 15 min conference to talk about the edits and it counts as our attendence for the whole week. I'm just excited about not having class til 9 every day this week. Maybe I'll actually get up, and go to breakfast in the cafeteria-which I've only done once so far this year. Surprisingly, its the best meal the cafeteria has to offer, to it'd be smart to go get a good breakfast before class. I'm getting excited as I complete, and start new projects in design and drawing. I got a near perfect grade on my banana line drawing. (see above) We were supposed to use line width to illustrate depth and the perception that parts of the bananas were in the foreground, and others were in the background. It was the first project of the year, and now I'm working on the second which is five drawings, each with a different medium, of a single object. My inspiration is a tootsie-pop, which my best friend sent me to test the "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie-pop" theory. I haven't tried it yet, but now that I need it to draw off of, it's been put on hold for two weeks. I'll let you know the results after I finish my drawing project :)

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  1. SLEEP favorite glad to see it as the title of a blog entry. Congrats on the grade and even greate congrats for recognizing your own talent and acting on it. Love you, Titi