November 7, 2010

Water Problems

First... the Town of Murfreesboro has a problem with their water, and we are under "Boil Water Advisory". Meaning, we can't drink the water from the tap, and if we have to, then we have to boil the water first.

Then... we find out that the water is polluted with something, so we're not really supposed to use the water at all. An email was sent out to all students that it is encouraged to go home, but campus will remain open for those students who choose to remain on campus. And, class is cancelled on Monday (WOOHOOO!!!!) Well... fifteen minutes later, my friend Haley and I decide that we're gonna go to her house so that we can eat good food since the cafeteria food, which is already not great, will be even worse. YAY!!! home-cooking. Or actually, eating at all the places that are east coast only chains and that I haven't even heard of being from California.

So three hours later, after getting slightly lost on the way to her house, we arrive in Beaufort, NC. Five minutes away from the water front :)

Now, after more emails, no class Tuesday, with updates to follow regarding the rest of the week.


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  1. Wow, that's a drag about the water...but I see you've found the bright side! Have a good unexpected holiday. Love, Aunt Susan