September 30, 2010

Feet Squishy in My Shoes

This week, the rain has been absolutely horrible!!! It has basically poured since Monday. There isn't an item of clothing that I've worn that hasn't gotten wet. I have gone through every single pair of shoes that I have because they're still not dry from walking in the rain. But... Not only is it raining harder than I've ever seen, the drainage at Chowan stinks. Everywhere you go, you must avoid puddles, some of which are at least ankle deep. There's almost no point to wearing shoes, except that I don't want to get sick. I'm almost jealous of the California heat that all my friends' Facebook statuses have been talking about. If I can't handle rain, I'm really scared about having to weather the snow that might be coming. Oh well. At least the contents of my backpack have finally dried after being damaged by the water that my backpack decided to trap while walking in the rain.

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